Our investment philosophy
is based on Research, Returns and Risk Management

The “Rule of Three” - Pillars of our investment philosophy
The “Rule of Three” -
Pillars of our investment philosophy

We research the macro environment and analyse how the sector fits into India’s growth story.


We design well defined exit strategies according to specific, pre-planned parameters for enhancing returns.

Risk Management

We follow an extensive due diligence process before an investment and active portfolio monitoring post investments to manage risks.

The non-negotiables of our investment thesis


We close on a top-down sector selection in line with macros and identify high growth companies within the sector.


We emphasize on companies with healthy earnings and superior asset quality, and avoid leveraged balance sheets, thus minimizing credit risk.

Capital Preservation

Our proactive credit monitoring mechanism helps manage risk and enhance returns.

Our investment considerations

Here are the broad factors we follow while
making investment decisions.

Investment Size

100 -
200  cr


100 -
200  cr




>₹ 1000  cr

Why choose Modulus?

Established Performance

  • Strong vintage of 6 years
  • Fund I invested Capital INR 1,790 Cr
  • Fund I capital returned INR 1,050* Cr
  • 15 investments, 11 exits
    Nil Delinquencies
  • Tracking Gross Fund IRR of 16%+ consistently
  • Investors median IRR at 13% (pre-tax and pre-carry)
  • Consistent quarterly income distribution to investors

Team with a Track Record

  • Team has cumulatively invested 2,306* Cr capital across 19 investments.
  • Superior origination capabilities: In larger corporate frameworks
  • Exits and resilient ongoing portfolio affirm rigorous credit underwriting and prudent sector/ investment calls

Active Portfolio Monitoring

  • Continuous portfolio monitoring on monthly / quarterly basis
  • Bank style credit covenants, secured investing with exclusive collaterals
  • 10 out of 11 investments
  • Quarterly disclosures of portfolio holdings and performance

There’s more to us than meets the eye